This Ford Explorer came in needing some love to prep it for sale.  It has been used well but not abused.  Exterior paint was in good condition with lots of scratches, some deep, and swirls.  Interior had plenty of dirt embedded and some stains needing attention. 

For the exterior we all decided that polishing was the best course of action to bring back the life and depth of the paint while removing the lighter scratches and swirls.  We topcoated with an excellent sealant to protect for up to 9 months and excellent shine.

For the interior it badly needed deep cleaning.  So, we started off with blowing out all crevices then agitation of all fabric and carpets to dislodge the dirt and vacuumed well.  We deep cleaned all seats and carpet with a varitey of cleaning agents depending on the stain and followed with full extraction and neutralizing agents.  Everything came out very clean and looks amazing!