Paint Correction Services

Westmoreland County PA

Paint correction is the process of removing minor scratches and imperfections found in the vehicles clear coat. Paint correction is typically performed prior to ceramic coating application. Contrary to common belief, ceramic coatings don't 'fill' scratches, all the defects in the paintwork will be amplified by the ceramic coating.

We perform paint correction to:

  • Remove and improve fine scratches
  • Remove swirls and spider webs
  • Remove etched bird and bug deposits
  • Remove hard water spots
  • Remove previous ceramic coatings, sealants and waxes

Our paint correction services will greatly improve your vehicle's paint and restore it to like-new, or better than new, finish.


Prices from $325

The paint on your car will be machine polished to improve gloss and remove very light scratches.

Basic is a great service for new vehicles, vehicles with no or very minor scratches, and those looking to maximize gloss without concern for scratches or paint correction.


Prices from $550

We conduct a 2-step paint correction on your car to improve and/or remove swirl marks and light to medium scratches. The first step removes or improves scratches and swirls and the second step greatly enhances gloss. We verify paint thickness to safely machine polish car.

Plus is recommended for daily drivers and cars that have light to medium scratches and swirls, without deeper scratches.


Prices from $875

A multi-step paint correction is performed on your vehicle to improve and/or remove swirl marks and scratches and to improve gloss. This may include wet sanding and/or multiple polishing passes to remove heavier scratches and swirls as well as finishing polishing to provide outstanding gloss. We verify paint thickness to safely machine polish and wet sand the car.

Deluxe is recommended for cars that have substantial scratches and swirls, and deeper scratches. Also, it is a great service for those looking for the absolute best, better than new, finish on their vehicle.

All Paint Correction packages include Exterior Deluxe prep detailing package:

  • Foam pre-soak to dislodge dirt
  • Undercarriage cleaned
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned
  • All panel joints, nooks, crevices cleaned
  • Trim is deep cleaned
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Chemical Decontamination to remove embedded particles in paint
  • Mechanical Decontamination to remove surface contaminants
  • Wheels are further decontaminated
  • Best and cleanest surface for paint and wheel sealants and coatings
  • Engine Bay is cleaned and protected
  • Exhaust tips are polished
  • Glass is cleaned
  • All surfaces are chemically wiped down to remove residual cleaning agents and more to prep for coating.

There may be deep scratches that are unsafe to remove.

Prices shown are estimated starting prices for a compact car. Actual pricing will be set during an inspection and is based on vehicle size and condition.