Motorcycle Detailing Services

Westmoreland County PA

Motorcycle Detailing Packages


Prices from $30

  • Bug and tar removal
  • Fenders cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tires cleaned
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Windscreen, gauges and mirrors are cleaned

This service is for routine maintenance and recommended bi-weekly to monthly.


Prices from $75

All services included in Basic with:

  • Tires cleaned and protected
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Paint is sealed for UV protection and ease of cleaning
  • Wheels are protected with wheel sealant for easier cleaning and lasting shine
  • Leather, vinyl and rubber are protected
  • Windscreen, gauges and mirrors are cleaned and treated

Plus Service is recommended 2-4 times yearly


Prices from $160

All services included in Plus with:

  • Chemical Decontamination to remove embedded particles in paint
  • Mechanical Decontamination to remove surface contaminants
  • Chrome is polished
  • Engine is fully degreased and cleaned
  • Saddlebags are removed and fully cleaned
  • Storage compartments are cleaned
  • All leather is deep cleaned, conditioned and protected

Deluxe is great for an annual detail, with Plus and Maintenance follow up's throughout the year.

Upgrade with a Paint Correction to improve swirls, scratches and etching in paintwork.

Pricing varies based on bike type, accessories, options and condition.  Examples based on Sport.

Ceramic Coating Packages

All our Motorcycle ceramic coating packages include:

  • Deluxe ceramic prep
  • Paint Correction Basic
  • Paint Coating of your choice
  • Glass Coating
  • Wheels Coating
  • Trim Coating
  • Engine Coating

All professional coatings, made in the USA.  Installed by an accredited professional.

Pretty much anything on the outside of the vehicle that can be ceramic coated, is.

Crystal SS

Prices from $525

System X Crystal SS™ is a 2-3 year non-warrantied ceramic coating offering great gloss and semi-permanent self-cleaning properties.


6 Year Warranty

Prices from $650

System X Pro™ is an ultra hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive paint. Pro™ is semi-permanent 9H self-cleaning ceramic with high gloss. Pro™ has passed rigorous Boeing approval testing and has been evaluated for hardness as well as alkali and salt resistance by SGS laboratory. This ensures Pro is 100% safe for your paint, adheres on a molecular level, and withstands tough environmental conditions.

Diamond SS

Lifetime Warranty

Prices from $850

System X Diamond SS™ is a super slick, thin, flexible, permanent 9H+ ceramic with previously unachievable gloss, slickness, and hydrophobic properties. This top-of-the-line self-cleaning coating is slick to the touch and imparts a deep, wet gloss to paintwork. Diamond’s unparalleled paint protection against environmental factors will keep your paintwork looking better than new as long you own it.


Lifetime Warranty

Prices from $975

System X Max™ is a first-of-its-kind ceramic technology more durable and environmentally resistant than ever before. Max™ features a stronger, tougher shell up to four times thicker, 2x stronger, and 2x more durable than previous coatings. Max’s increased strength makes it more resistant to harmful water spotting. This highly advanced coating is still super slick and extremely glossy. Combined, System X Max™ is perfect for trucks, Powersports, Rvs, aviation, fleet vehicles, and more!