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    Exterior Detailing Services

    Westmoreland County PA

Our exterior detailing services will take your car from ordinary to extraordinary.

Exterior detailing services will help keep your car exceptionally clean and protected throughout the year.

Exterior Detailing Packages


Prices from $35

  • Foam pre-soak to dislodge dirt
  • Undercarriage cleaned
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Wheels and tires cleaned and protected
  • All panel joints, nooks, crevices cleaned
  • Trim is deep cleaned and protected
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Glass is cleaned

This service is for routine maintenance and recommended bi-weekly to monthly.


Prices from $100

All of the services included in Exterior Basic and:

  • Paint is ceramic sealed for UV protection and ease of cleaning
  • Wheel faces are ceramic sealed for easier cleaning and lasting protection
  • Exhaust tips are polished
  • Glass is cleaned and treated

Plus Service is recommended 2-4 times yearly


Prices from $190

All of the services included in Exterior Plus and:

  • Chemical Decontamination to remove embedded particles in paint
  • Mechanical Decontamination to remove surface contaminants
  • Wheels are further decontaminated
  • Best and cleanest surface for paint and wheel sealants and ceramic coating prep
  • Engine Bay is cleaned and protected

Deluxe is great for an annual detail, with Plus and Basic follow up's throughout the year

Price varies based on vehicle size, condition and vehicle options.

Exterior Detailing Options

Annual Maintenance Programs Available