Ceramic Coatings

Westmoreland County PA

We use only System X professional coatings for the best protection for your vehicle. Get the best value with one of our Coating Packages.

Long Lasting, Better Protection, Ease of Care

Hanson's Auto Detail is an accredited installer of System X professional ceramic coatings. System X is an American company producing products in their own facility in Connecticut.

System X® becomes the new functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a hard glossy shell that cannot be washed off like a wax or a sealant. The new clear coating is glossier, more chemically resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. This is an incredible barrier of protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays.

Your car is easier to clean, easier to maintain, and you never have the need to apply wax every month or sealant every 2 to 6 months. System X ceramic coatings last from 2 years to a lifetime, depending on product*.

Ceramic Coating Packages

Great Value! All our ceramic packages include:

  • Paint Correction and Prep Basic Service

  • Paint Coating of your choice

  • Glass Coating

  • Wheel Faces Coating

  • Trim Coating

  • Convertible, Rag Top, Landau Coating

  • Truck Bed Cover Coating

  • NEW Tire coating

Choose the Paint Correction Service (Basic included) for the finished results you desire (may be additional cost). Price also varies based on vehicle size, condition, and vehicle specifics.

Pretty much anything on the outside of the vehicle that can be ceramic coated, is. Most all comparative pricing includes paint coating only.

All services available a la carte, as well.

Crystal SS

Prices from $800

System X Crystal SS™ is a 2-3 year non-warrantied ceramic coating offering great gloss and semi-permanent self-cleaning properties.

Crystal SS coatings report to Carfax when registered online.

Crystal SS


6 Year Warranty

Prices from $950

System X Pro™ is an ultra hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive paint. Pro™ is semi-permanent 9H self-cleaning ceramic.

Pro™ is THE choice for matte finishes such as paint, decals and wraps.


Diamond SS

Lifetime Warranty

Prices from $1200

System X Diamond SS™ is a super slick, thin, flexible, permanent 9H+ ceramic with previously unachievable gloss, slickness, and hydrophobic properties.

This top-of-the-line self-cleaning coating is slick to the touch and imparts a deep, wet gloss to paintwork. Diamond’s unparalleled paint protection against environmental factors will keep your paintwork looking better than new as long you own it.

Diamond SS


Lifetime Warranty

Prices from $1600

Maximum protection, Maximum durability

System X Max™ is a first-of-its-kind ceramic technology more durable and environmentally resistant than ever before. Max™ features a stronger, tougher shell up to four times thicker, 2x stronger, and 2x more durable than previous coatings. Max’s increased strength makes it more resistant to harmful water spotting.

This highly advanced coating is still super slick and extremely glossy. Combined, System X Max™ is perfect for Trucks, Powersports, RV's, Aviation, Fleet Vehicles, and more!


Upgrades Available

Wheel's Off Service

  • Wheel's removed and further cleaned, decon, and enhanced

  • Wheel facings and barrels coated

  • Finished brakes cleaned and coated

  • Visible suspension parts cleaned

Engine Bay Coating

  • All vinyl and plastic trim coated

  • Hood underside coated

Wheel Wells Coating

  • Plastic fender liners coated

  • Carpeted liners coated

*Manufacturer warranty, as well as best practices, requires regular bi-weekly cleaning, spot removal, and Annual Inspections. Annual Inspection pricing is from $215 and includes Exterior Deluxe Service.