What auto detailing packages are right for you?

What auto detailing packages are right for you?

Hanson's Auto Detail offers many exterior and interior detailing packages as well as a la cart options. Let us help you find the perfect package for your car!

At Hanson's Auto Detail, we understand that car detailing is a personal decision. Whether you need a one-time quick detail or regular car cleaning service, there is an option available to suit your needs and budget. We offer many packages designed to meet different car detailing purposes and goals, as well as a la cart options to add professional services such as ceramic coating or paint restoration. Our friendly technicians can help you choose the right package for you car. Let us take care of your car - trust us for all your car detailing needs!

Where to start?

Ready to keep your car looking like new? You can opt for a single detail session, or schedule regular detailing and always have that just-drove-off-the lot feel!

Are you looking to give your car a whole new look? Whether it's the interior, exterior or both that needs some TLC, we have detailing packages designed just for you! Mix and match according to your budget and cars' needs - let us help make your ride shine again!

Ok, so you want to have your car detailed now. Do you want to have both, the inside and out cleaned? Or just the interior detailed, or just the exterior detailed?

If you want to have both the interior and exterior detailed, check out both the interior detailing packages and exterior detailing packages we offer. You can mix and match to suit your wants, budget, and cars needs.

Interior Detailing Services  Interior Detailing services

Congratulations on making the decision to treat your car's interior with some TLC! Get ready for a sparkling clean ride.

Looking for an easy and economical way to give your car's interior a bit of TLC? Our Interior Basic package has you covered - it will get every nook and cranny vacuumed, windows sparkling clean, plus light cleaning throughout the cabin. And if that's not enough love or protection, check out our Wash Windows & Vac service! It comes with all those extras – PLUS exterior quick wash – at one great price.

Get your interior spick-and-span with Interior Plus! This comprehensive package will have everything inside looking like new again. Pricing may vary depending on how dirty the surfaces are and stains that need a little extra love, but it's a surefire way to get every nook and cranny sparkling clean.

Want to keep your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor? Get Interior Deluxe and enjoy a deep-clean plus ceramic coating on most interior surfaces – that way, you have time to wipe things up before any pesky stains can set in!

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Exterior Detailing Options

Looking to give your ride a refresh? Let us know what changes you'd like - and then our team of professionals will make sure that detailing job shines!

Is your car looking a bit worse for wear? Check out our Exterior Detailing services to get it back in tip-top shape - from banishing swirls and scratches with Paint Correction, all the way up to Ceramic Coatings that'll give you long lasting protection and shine. Take the hassle out of keeping your ride clean!

Exterior Detailing Services  Exterior Detailing services


Get your car looking brand-new with our Exterior Basic service - perfect if you've got a dirtied ride that needs some relief!

Keep your car clean and protected for months with the Exterior Plus service! We give it all-around TLC, from a full exterior foam wash to an undercarriage spray. The System X ceramic sealant will keep glass, paint, and wheel facings shielded in top quality protection that lasts 6 to 9 months - even better when you add a clay bar treatment too!

After you've given your car a good wash, pop on a plastic baggy and give the paintwork an 'undercover' inspection. Feel any roughness? That's dirt from contaminants that have burrowed into the paint itself - no problem! Our Exterior Deluxe service will use chemical AND physical power to eliminate these offenders, as well as cleaning up those hard-to-reach engine areas too. Ready for some serious shine??

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Paint Correction Services  Paint Correction services

Paint problems got you down? Don't worry, we have just the thing for you! Our paint correction and enhancement services can make those troubles disappear. Simply tell us how much of a transformation you'd like to see in your vehicle's appearance--we'll take it from there. Depending on what kind of results you're after and how damaged your car is right now, prices may vary due to the time-intensive nature of our work; however, no matter which service level (Basic to Deluxe Correction) you choose with us, rest assured that we always strive for maximum improvement plus a stellar finish quality each step along the way!

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Ceramic Coating Packages  Ceramic Coating services

Keep your car looking fresh and protected with a ceramic coating! Think of it like an added layer of armor over the clear coat on top - tougher than paint, so no more worries about dirt or debris damaging surfaces. But be aware: while you'll have better scratch resistance when compared to plain old paint, scratches can still happen...so don't forget to show some TLC for that ride of yours! Keep your car looking as pristine as the day you drove it off the lot with a ceramic coating package from us! Our packages include paint, glass, trim and wheel facings for maximum protection. Choose one of our coatings that lasts 3 to 10+ years depending on how long you plan to keep your vehicle. To maintain your investment we recommend bi-weekly washes plus annual inspections and maintenance services - no waxing or sealant required between visits! All packages also come complete with exterior deluxe service & basic paint correction so what are you waiting for?

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Annual Detail Maintenance Program  Maintenance Programs

Give your car the care it deserves and save both time and money! We’ve got a variety of maintenance programs to keep your ride looking clean, from twice-monthly detailing to bi-monthly – whatever works best for you. Plus, get an even better deal with our Loyalty Program discounts or by having us ceramic coat your interior & exterior. Enjoy that beautiful shine while saving some cash too - what could be sweeter?

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