Exterior Cleaning Services

Hand Car Wash and Dry

The exterior of you car will be safely hand washed, deep cleaned and dried.

Clay Bar Treatment

We remove most contaminants from the paint of your car

Iron Decontamination

The exterior paint of your car is treated chemically to remove many contaminants.

Wheel Decontamination

Your wheels are removed and chemically and/or mechanically treated to remove brake dust and more.

Engine Bay Detailing

The engine and bay will be deep cleaned, debris removed, and treated to look as brand new.

Trim Restoration

All trim on the exterior of your vehicle will be deep cleaned and restored to like new condition.

Convertible Cleaning

Your convertible top is safely deep cleaned, dirt and mold removed, and treated to maintain it's cleanliness longer.

Paint Correction and Polishing

If your paint has scratches, swirls, holograms, bird and bug etching, or other problems, paint correction can improve and even remove these problems to look like factory fresh paint again.

Headlight / Taillight Restoration

Are your headlights, fog lights, taillights or marker lights hazy, cloudy or scratched? We can refinish them to as new condition for a fraction of the price of replacing.

Exterior Protection Services

Paint Sealant

We apply a paint sealant to protect your paint from UV light and the elements. Lasts up to 9 months.

Paint Wax

A top quality professional wax is applied to your cars paint to protect from mother nature. It enhances the depth and shine and lasts up to 2 months.

Paint Ceramic Coating

The ultimate paint protection for your car. Ceramic coating protects paint the most from UV, oxidation, chemicals and etching and lasts up to 2 years.

Paint Silica Sealant

Top off your Ceramic Coating with the glass-like gloss, hydrophobicity and dirt repellency of Silica Nanotechnology sealant. Last about 3 months.

Ceramic Wheel Coating

The wheels on your car get the most abuse from brake dust, road grime and grit, salt and more! Protect them the most with a ceramic coating that lasts up to 12 months. Makes it easier to clean too.

Glass Coating

A ceramic coating to your windshield and other glass in your car will improve your visibility as water just beads and rolls off above 30-35 mph. It also protects better from bird droppings, bug residue, mud, and more.

Paint Skin / Decal Coating

Is your car skinned? If so, it can still be protected with the ultimate in protection, a ceramic coating. The special ceramic coating for decals and car skins will protect for up to 12 months.

Interior Cleaning Services

Convertible Coating

Protect your convertible from the elements and staining with a ceramic coating. The most durable and longest lasting protection for convertible tops.

Interior Detail

Does your interior need a 'good cleaning' or is it totally trashed? Don't worry, we will give every area of your car's interior the attention to detail that it needs.

Fabric and Carpet Deep Cleaning

Are your fabric and cloth seats and door panels or carpets really dirty, stained, ground in dirt, mud and other contaminants? We will treat all of these problems and return them to look, feel and smell like brand new.

Wood Trim Polishing

If your wood trim is scratched and dull, we can polish out all those scratches and restore the shine and true color of your wood trim.

Odor Removal

So, your car has some bad smells. Maybe you just bought it or a lifetime of driving to and from work and everything that goes with it. Combined with a complete cleaning to get to the root causes of the odors, this process will chemically neutralize remaining odors.

Child Seat Cleaning

If you have a child, you have a dirty child seat. No doubt. Your child seat will be removed and fully cleaned, and then probably cleaned some more. Well, you know kids...

Leather Softening

If your leather has hardened over time, we can soften it again. This will re-soften the leather more like new leather.

Interior Protection Services

Fabric and Carpet Coating

Protect your fabric surfaces like seats and door cards, as well as carpets from water, liquids, dirt and stains. A nano-coating applied to these surfaces will provide the ultimate protection up to about a year.

Leather and Vinyl Coating

Nano-Coating is the ultimate in protection for both leather and vinyl surfaces throughout your vehicle! Resists stains, dirt, jean dye transfer, and UV rays and lasts 1 to 2 years.