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Easier to Maintain

Ceramic coatings are easier to maintain as you don't have to reapply wax every 2 months or sealant every 6 months. Your car doesn't need clay bar yearly, or polished as often to remove scratches. The recommended maintenance for ceramic coated cars is regular washing, annual inspection and chemical decontamination.

Easier to Clean

This is one of the greatest characteristics of ceramic coatings. Stuff just doesn't stick to it easily. Bird droppings and tar just wipe off with a quick detailer if you get them quickly. Dirt and road grime comes off in your regular wash. Sometimes you can even just hose off the dirt.

Protects Better

Ceramic coatings protect your car better than waxes or sealants. A ceramic coating actually cures, hardens and bonds to your cars surface to provide another layer of protection. Ceramic coatings provide great protection for UV, chemicals, bird droppings, tar, environmental fallout, and more. Coatings are not impervious, though. You can still scratch and damage a coating. You still have to use proper maintenance and washing techniques. They do provide a level of protection before you start to damage the paint.

Lasts years

Ceramic coatings last a long time, especially compared to waxes (2 months) or sealants (3-6 months). Ceramic coating longevity varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and on your maintenance habits. Also, you will see some outlandish claims by some companies that are pipe dreams. Realistically, you can expect any true ceramic coating to last from 6 months to several years even if you do nothing to maintain it. With proper maintenance, expect years. Our basic ceramic is conservatively rated at 2+ years. It is on our personal car at 3 1/2 years currently and still going strong, with proper maintenance.

Our Process

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We will inspect your car to assess its condition, discuss the coating process and your options, and give your pricing estimate

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Your ceramic coating service will take about 3 days to complete. So, plan accordingly. And, please be advised we are usually booking 2 to 4 weeks out.

Your car gets the ceramic coating service

Here is a brief overview of your cars coating service:


  • Fully clean and prep your car including: Foam pre-clean; Hand wash and dry; bug, sap and tar removal; chemical and mechanical decontamination,
  • Paint correction:  1-stage machine polish all painted surfaces to remove minor scratches and swirls.  Multi-stage correction may be recommended depending on paint condition, additional cost.
  • Apply ceramic coatings:  Paint will receive 2 layers of ceramic coating; trim, wheels and glass will be ceramic coated.
  • Curing time:  All coatings usually require 24 hours to cure before vehicle usable.  Ceramic coatings will actually continue curing for about 7 days.
  • Final inspection and sealant:  We conduct final inspection and make any corrections in coating if necessary.  We then apply a ceramic sealant which protects the ceramic coatings while they continue to cure and allow you full usage of your vehicle.


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What our customers say

Bill W.

Bill did a Great job. The truck looks better than the day it was pick up at the new car dealership. All I can say is Bill does awesome work. Thank u

William S.

Bill does great work. Highly recommend.


Pricing is from approximately $700 to $1000

Depending on vehicle size and type.
Other options additional cost including extra stages paint correction, and more. All service packages can be customized to your needs and wants.

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