Is your car ready for winter?

Posted by bhans on November 19, 2019

Salty Car

Winter is on its way!  And, for those of us in western Pennsylvania, you know what that means.  Salt, ash, sand, snow, ice, freezing temperatures.  All of these hazards can damage your cars finish.

Now is a great time to make sure your car is well protected from the elements.  Painted and metallic surfaces on your car, like the body and wheels, are very susceptible to damage.  Salt is one of the biggest problems for our area.

There are three main categories of paint protection: waxes, sealants, and coatings. 

Waxes have been in use for the longest and produce a good protection layer and nice finish.  Unfortunately, they are the least durable and usually last up to about 6 weeks on a regularly used vehicle.

Sealants are longer lasting with very good protective layer and finish.  A quality sealant, like the ones we use, will routinely last 4 to 9 months depending on vehicle usage.

Coatings, or ceramic / nano coatings, are the newest technology finishes.  They are extremely durable, and produce unrivaled finish.  Ceramic coatings, like the CarPro coatings that we use, will last 2 years or more.

Salt truck

It is also important to make sure that your car is well maintained through the winter season.  All the road hazards will continue to accumulate on your vehicle and damage the car.

Make sure that you get all the contaminants off your vehicle regularly.  At the very least, rinse off the road salt and other road hazards every chance you get.  Pull in to car wash bay, put it on low pressure rinse and spray the entire vehicle, over and under.  If you get a chance on a warmer day conduct a proper hand car wash to better clean all the elements off your car. 

We at Hanson's Auto Detail can help you out with any of your winter car care needs.  We can wash your car for you regardless of outside temperature and protect your car's finish from the elements.  Give us a call or email!